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Metal Rivet And Screws

Our range of products include nickel alloys k500 deck screws and nickel 201 screws.
Nickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws
  • Nickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws
  • Nickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws
  • Nickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws

Nickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws

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Product Details:
GRADENickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws
Enhancing Durability and Performance: Nickel Alloys K500 Deck Screws

In the realm of construction and marine applications, durability and corrosion resistance are paramount. This is where Nickel Alloys K500 deck screws shine, offering a robust solution to fastening challenges in harsh environments. Whether you're constructing a seaside boardwalk or a marine vessel, these screws ensure structural integrity and longevity.

Introduction to Nickel Alloys K500:
Nickel Alloys K500, also known as Monel K500, is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-copper alloy renowned for its exceptional corrosion resistance in various environments, including seawater and chemical processing plants. Its composition includes nickel, copper, aluminum, titanium, and trace elements, contributing to its high strength and corrosion resistance.

Key Features and Benefits:
Corrosion Resistance: Nickel Alloys K500 exhibit superior resistance to corrosion, especially in marine environments, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as decking.
High Strength: With its precipitation-hardening capability, K500 offers impressive strength levels, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding structural applications.
Temperature Stability: These alloys maintain their mechanical properties across a wide range of temperatures, from sub-zero to elevated temperatures, providing stability in varied operating conditions.
Low Magnetic Permeability: K500 alloys possess low magnetic permeability, making them suitable for applications where magnetic interference is a concern.
Ease of Machining: Despite their robustness, Nickel Alloys K500 are relatively easy to machine, facilitating efficient manufacturing processes.

International Standards and Equivalent Grades:
Nickel Alloys K500 conform to various international standards, ensuring quality and compatibility across different markets. Some of the notable standards include:
ASTM B865/B164: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for nickel-copper alloys, specifying the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and testing procedures.
UNS N05500: Unified Numbering System (UNS) designation for Nickel Alloys K500, providing a unique identifier for this specific material.
EN 2.4375: European standard for nickel-copper alloys, defining the composition and properties of materials within this category.
DIN 2.4375: German Industrial Standard (DIN) equivalent of EN 2.4375, ensuring compliance with German manufacturing requirements.

Equivalent Grades:
In addition to international standards, Nickel Alloys K500 may have equivalent grades designated by various organizations:
NA18: British Standard (BS) designation for Nickel Alloys K500, indicating conformity with British manufacturing specifications.
W.Nr. 2.4375: Werkstoff-Nummer (W.Nr.) or German Material Number for this alloy, facilitating identification and procurement in German industries.

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Nickel Alloys K500 deck screws offer a reliable solution for outdoor and marine applications, combining exceptional corrosion resistance, high strength, and temperature stability. Compliant with international standards and available in equivalent grades, these screws ensure performance and longevity in challenging environments. Whether for decking, shipbuilding, or other structural projects, choosing Nickel Alloys K500 assures durability and peace of mind.
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Nickel 201 Screws
  • Nickel 201 Screws
  • Nickel 201 Screws
  • Nickel 201 Screws

Nickel 201 Screws

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Product Details:
GradeNickel 201 Screws
Nickel 201 Screws: Essential Components for Corrosion Resistance in Various Applications

Nickel 201 screws are indispensable fasteners known for their exceptional corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, making them ideal for diverse industrial applications. These screws, crafted from high-purity nickel alloy, offer superior performance in harsh environments where traditional materials falter. Let's delve into the specifications, international standards, equivalent grades, and key benefits of Nickel 201 screws.

Specifications and Properties:
Nickel 201 screws boast a composition of 99.6% pure nickel, ensuring outstanding resistance to corrosive elements such as acids, alkalis, and salts. This high nickel content also provides excellent thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity, making Nickel 201 screws versatile components in electrical and heat transfer applications. Furthermore, these screws exhibit remarkable ductility and weldability, facilitating ease of installation and customization for specific project requirements.

International Standards:
Nickel 201 screws comply with various international standards to ensure quality and compatibility across different industries. Some of the prominent standards include:
ASTM B160: Standard specification for Nickel Rod and Bar
ASTM B161: Standard specification for Nickel Seamless Pipe and Tube
ASTM B162: Standard specification for Nickel Plate, Sheet, and Strip
ASTM B366: Standard specification for Nickel and Nickel Alloy Fittings
Adhering to these standards guarantees the reliability and performance of Nickel 201 screws in critical applications where precision and consistency are paramount.

Equivalent Grades:
Nickel 201 screws often have equivalent grades that offer similar properties and performance characteristics. Some of the common equivalent grades include:
UNS N02201: Unified Numbering System designation for Nickel 201
DIN 2.4068: German standard for Nickel 201BS 3076 NA 12: British standard designation for Nickel 201
JIS NW2201: Japanese Industrial Standard for Nickel 201
These equivalent grades ensure seamless integration and interchangeability of Nickel 201 screws across global markets, providing flexibility and convenience to manufacturers and end-users alike.

Key Benefits:
Corrosion Resistance: Nickel 201 screws offer unparalleled resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for corrosive environments such as chemical processing plants, marine applications, and offshore installations.
High Temperature Stability: With a melting point of 1435°C (2615°F), Nickel 201 screws retain their mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in demanding thermal conditions.
Electrical Conductivity: The high purity of Nickel 201 enhances its electrical conductivity, making these screws ideal for electrical components and circuitry where low electrical resistance is crucial.
Weldability: Nickel 201 screws can be easily welded using common techniques, allowing for efficient fabrication and assembly processes without compromising structural integrity.

In conclusion, Nickel 201 screws stand as indispensable components in various industries due to their exceptional corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, and versatile properties. Compliant with international standards and available in equivalent grades, these screws offer reliability, longevity, and performance excellence in critical applications worldwide.
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