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Pta Lag Bolt

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Mumbai, we offer titanium gr.5 lag bolts, monel lag bolts, asme sb348 titanium grade 2 dowel pins, titanium gr.2 anchor bolt and sb348 gr 2 ti lag bolts.
Titanium Gr.5 Lag Bolts

Titanium Gr.5 Lag Bolts

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Product Details:


Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts are a crucial component in various industries, offering exceptional strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. These fasteners have gained popularity due to their unique properties and applications.

Section 1: Benefits of Titanium Gr.5 Lag Bolts

1.1 Unmatched Strength Titanium Gr.5 is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for lag bolts. They can withstand heavy loads while being lightweight, making installations more manageable.

1.2 Corrosion Resistance One of the standout features of Titanium Gr.5 is its remarkable corrosion resistance. These lag bolts are impervious to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity in various environments, including marine and chemical industries.

1.3 Biocompatibility Titanium Gr.5 is biocompatible, making it suitable for medical and dental applications. It doesn't react with bodily fluids, which is crucial for implants and medical equipment.

1.4 Aesthetic Appeal Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts are aesthetically pleasing due to their metallic finish. They enhance the visual appeal of structures and are often used in architectural and design projects.

Section 2: Applications

2.1 Construction Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts are extensively used in construction for their robustness and resistance to environmental factors. They are ideal for securing structural elements, decks, and outdoor fixtures.

2.2 Aerospace In the aerospace industry, every ounce counts. Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts are prized for their lightweight yet durable nature, making them indispensable in aircraft and spacecraft assembly.

2.3 Medical The biocompatibility of Titanium Gr.5 makes it an essential material for medical implants, such as bone plates and screws. These lag bolts play a critical role in orthopedic surgeries.

2.4 Automotive In the automotive sector, lag bolts made from Titanium Gr.5 are used in various applications, including engine components, exhaust systems, and suspension systems, thanks to their resistance to high temperatures and vibration.

Section 3: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1 What makes Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts corrosion-resistant? Titanium Gr.5 contains a protective oxide layer that prevents corrosion, even in harsh environments.

3.2 Are Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts expensive? Yes, Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts are generally more expensive than traditional steel bolts. However, their longevity and performance in challenging conditions make them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

3.3 Can Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts be used in saltwater environments? Absolutely. Their corrosion resistance makes them an excellent choice for marine applications.

3.4 Are Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts compatible with other materials? Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts can be used with other materials, but it's crucial to consider galvanic compatibility to prevent corrosion issues.

3.5 Can I paint Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts? Yes, you can paint them, but it's not necessary for corrosion protection. Paint can be used for aesthetic purposes.


Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts are a remarkable fastening solution, offering strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility across various industries. Their applications range from construction to aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors, making them a highly sought-after choice. With their robust properties and aesthetic appeal, Titanium Gr.5 lag bolts continue to prove their worth in a wide range of projects.

Equivalent materials to grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V alloy are as follows:


AMS 4928 AMS 4965 AMS 4967 MIL T-81915 MIL T-9046

AMS 4920 AMS 4954 ASTM B265 MIL T-81556 MIL T-9047

AMS 4911 AMS 4935 ASTM B348 MIL F-83142 SPS M618

AMS 4906 AMS 4934 ASTM B381 GE C50TF12 DMS 1570

AMS 4905 AMS 4930 DIN 3.7164



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Monel Lag Bolts

Monel Lag Bolts

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Product Details:
GradeMonel Lag Bolts

Introduction: In the realm of fastening solutions, Monel lag bolts stand tall as a testament to durability, corrosion resistance, and exceptional strength. As manufacturers committed to excellence, we take pride in crafting these lag bolts with precision and expertise. This article delves into the world of Monel lag bolts, exploring their equivalent grades and adherence to ASTM standards.

Monel Alloy Overview: Monel, a nickel-copper alloy renowned for its remarkable corrosion resistance in various environments, serves as the foundation for our lag bolts. Comprising nickel (Ni) and copper (Cu), Monel exhibits exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis, and other harsh chemicals, making it an ideal material for fasteners subjected to challenging conditions.

Equivalent Grades: Understanding the equivalent grades of Monel lag bolts is crucial for ensuring compatibility and optimal performance in diverse applications. Common equivalent grades include Monel 400, Monel K500, and Monel R-405. Each grade possesses distinct characteristics, catering to specific industrial requirements.

  1. Monel 400: Monel 400, featuring a nickel-copper alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, is well-suited for marine and chemical processing applications. Its robustness and resistance to acidic and alkaline environments make it a preferred choice in various industries.

  2. Monel K500: Monel K500, an age-hardened version of Monel 400, offers enhanced strength and hardness. With added aluminum and titanium, this grade exhibits superior properties under high-velocity seawater conditions. Monel K500 is a top choice for applications demanding increased tensile strength.

  3. Monel R-405: Monel R-405, distinguished by its sulfur content, boasts improved machinability while maintaining the corrosion resistance characteristic of Monel alloys. This grade finds utility in applications where ease of machining is a priority without compromising on performance.

ASTM Standards Compliance: Ensuring the reliability and quality of Monel lag bolts, we adhere to stringent ASTM standards during the manufacturing process. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) establishes these standards to guarantee the consistency and performance of materials used in various industries.

  1. ASTM B164/B564 - Monel 400 and K500: This standard outlines the requirements for Monel 400 and K500 rods, bars, and forgings. It specifies the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and heat treatment processes, ensuring the uniformity and reliability of these alloys in lag bolt production.

  2. ASTM B164/B865 - Monel R-405: For Monel R-405, ASTM B164/B865 provides guidelines on the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and heat treatment processes. Adhering to these standards ensures that Monel R-405 lag bolts meet the necessary criteria for performance and durability.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Monel lag bolts, manufactured with precision and adherence to equivalent grades and ASTM standards, stand as beacons of reliability in the fastening industry. As manufacturers committed to excellence, we take pride in delivering lag bolts that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers, providing durable solutions for a multitude of applications. Choose Monel lag bolts for unparalleled strength and corrosion resistance that endure the test of time.

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ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins

ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins

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Product Details:
QUALITYASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins


ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins are essential components in various industries, offering exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility.

Section 1: Understanding ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins

ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 is a commercially pure titanium alloy known for its remarkable properties. Dowel pins made from Grade 2 titanium offer the following advantages:

  1. Superior Corrosion Resistance: Titanium Grade 2 dowel pins are highly resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for applications in harsh environments and corrosive conditions.
  2. Lightweight yet Strong: These dowel pins are exceptionally lightweight while still maintaining impressive strength, making them suitable for critical applications in aerospace, medical devices, and more.
  3. Biocompatible: Grade 2 titanium is biocompatible, making it an excellent choice for medical and dental equipment, as well as body implants.
  4. Low Thermal Conductivity: Titanium Grade 2 dowel pins have low thermal conductivity, making them suitable for use in applications where temperature stability is crucial.
  5. Non-Magnetic: They are non-magnetic, ensuring compatibility with equipment that requires non-magnetic materials.

Section 2: Advantages of ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins

ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins offer several advantages, including:

  1. Longevity: Grade 2 titanium dowel pins have a long service life, thanks to their corrosion resistance and durability.
  2. Versatility: They can be used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, marine, and medical, due to their unique combination of properties.
  3. Reduced Maintenance: With minimal susceptibility to wear and tear, Grade 2 titanium dowel pins require less maintenance compared to other materials.
  4. Biocompatibility: Their biocompatibility makes them a top choice for medical applications, including orthopedic implants and dental equipment.
  5. Excellent Machinability: Grade 2 titanium is easy to machine, allowing for precise and customized dowel pin designs.

Section 3: FAQs about ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins

Q1: Are Titanium Grade 2 dowel pins suitable for marine applications? A1: Yes, Titanium Grade 2 dowel pins are highly resistant to seawater corrosion, making them an excellent choice for marine applications.

Q2: Can they be used in aerospace applications? A2: Absolutely! Their lightweight nature and high strength make them perfect for aerospace components.

Q3: What sizes are available for these dowel pins? A3: ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 dowel pins come in various sizes, catering to the specific needs of different applications.

Q4: Do Grade 2 titanium dowel pins require any special maintenance? A4: No, they require minimal maintenance due to their resistance to corrosion and wear.

Q5: Are these dowel pins cost-effective? A5: While Grade 2 titanium dowel pins may have a higher initial cost, their longevity and reduced maintenance make them cost-effective in the long run.


ASME SB348 Titanium Grade 2 Dowel Pins are versatile, durable, and ideal for applications where corrosion resistance, strength, and biocompatibility are essential. Their unique properties make them a valuable choice in various industries, offering reliability and longevity. Whether you're working in aerospace, marine, medical, or other fields, Grade 2 titanium dowel pins can meet your specific needs, making them a wise investment for your projects.
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Titanium GR.2 Anchor Bolt

Titanium GR.2 Anchor Bolt

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Product Details:


Titanium Grade 2 Anchor Bolts: A Revolution in Fastening Technology


Anchor bolts play a crucial role in construction, securing heavy machinery, and ensuring the stability of structures. Among the many materials available for anchor bolts, Titanium Grade 2 has emerged as a revolutionary choice due to its remarkable properties. In this article, we will explore the unique features and benefits of Titanium Grade 2 anchor bolts, and why they have gained popularity in various industries.
various applications.

  1. Corrosion Resistance:One of the primary advantages of Titanium Grade 2 anchor bolts is their exceptional resistance to corrosion. Whether exposed to saltwater, chemicals, or extreme temperatures, Grade 2 titanium remains unaffected. This resistance ensures that anchor bolts maintain their structural integrity over time, even in harsh environments.
  1. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:Despite its low density, Titanium Grade 2 exhibits impressive strength. This high strength-to-weight ratio means that anchor bolts made from Grade 2 titanium can support heavy loads without adding unnecessary weight to the structure. It is a key consideration in aerospace, marine, and construction industries where weight is a critical factor.
  1. Biocompatibility:Titanium Grade 2 is widely used in medical implants due to its biocompatibility, meaning it is well-tolerated by the human body. This feature makes Grade 2 anchor bolts an ideal choice for projects involving human contact, such as railings, bridges, and medical equipment.

Applications of Titanium Grade 2 Anchor Bolts

  1. Marine Industry:The marine industry benefits significantly from Titanium Grade 2 anchor bolts. They are essential for securing ship components, offshore platforms, and coastal structures due to their corrosion resistance in saltwater environments.
  1. Aerospace:In the aerospace industry, weight reduction is a paramount concern. Titanium Grade 2 anchor bolts are used to secure components and panels on aircraft, ensuring structural integrity without compromising weight limits.
  1. Construction:Construction projects often require anchor bolts to secure structures. The corrosion resistance and high strength of Grade 2 titanium make it an excellent choice for bridges, buildings, and infrastructure in both coastal and high-temperature areas.
  1. Medical Equipment:-The biocompatibility of Titanium Grade 2 makes it an excellent choice for medical equipment and fixtures. It is used in the manufacture of MRI machines, surgical instruments, and implants, ensuring patient safety.

Installation and Maintenance

While Titanium Grade 2 anchor bolts offer numerous benefits, proper installation and maintenance are essential to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Professional Installation:Titanium anchor bolts should be installed by professionals who understand the unique properties of Grade 2 titanium and have experience working with it.
  1. Routine Inspections:Regular inspections are necessary to identify any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Addressing issues promptly can prevent structural failures and ensure long-lasting performance.
  1. Proper Torque:Ensuring that anchor bolts are torqued to the manufacturer's specifications is crucial for their effectiveness. Over-tightening can cause stress and potential damage to the bolt.


Titanium Grade 2 anchor bolts have revolutionized fastening technology by offering exceptional corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and biocompatibility. 


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SB348 Gr 2 Ti Lag Bolts

SB348 Gr 2 Ti Lag Bolts

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Product Details:
Bolt TypeLag Bolts
Country of OriginMade in India

When it comes to construction, every component matters, and lag bolts are no exception. SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts have emerged as a game-changer in the construction industry, setting new standards for durability and versatility. These remarkable fasteners offer a wide range of benefits that make them the preferred choice for builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Unmatched Durability SB348 Grade 2 Titanium is known for its outstanding corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. These characteristics make it a top-notch choice for lag bolts, which are often exposed to the elements. Whether it's heavy rain, extreme temperatures, or corrosive environments, SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts can withstand the test of time. This remarkable durability ensures that your construction projects remain secure and stable for years to come.

Lightweight Advantage One of the key advantages of SB348 Grade 2 Titanium is its lightweight nature. This characteristic is particularly valuable in construction, where every pound counts. Unlike traditional steel lag bolts, these titanium bolts significantly reduce the overall weight of your structure without compromising on strength. This can result in reduced material costs and easier installation, making your project more efficient and cost-effective.

Versatile Applications SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts are versatile fasteners that find application in a wide range of construction projects. Whether you're building a deck, installing outdoor structures, or constructing an industrial facility, these lag bolts offer a reliable solution. Their versatility extends to both indoor and outdoor projects, making them an invaluable addition to any builder's toolkit.

Corrosion Resistance The corrosion resistance of SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts is a standout feature. Unlike traditional steel bolts, which are susceptible to rust and degradation over time, titanium bolts remain pristine. This resistance to corrosion is essential, especially in outdoor construction projects, where exposure to moisture and varying temperatures is common. The longevity of these lag bolts ensures that your structure remains safe and secure for years, even in challenging environments.

Ease of Installation SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts are known for their ease of installation. The lightweight nature of titanium, combined with the quality design of these bolts, makes them easy to handle and install. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of accidents during construction.

Environmental Benefits In an era where sustainability is a top priority, SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. Titanium is a fully recyclable metal, reducing waste and minimizing the impact on the environment. Choosing these lag bolts for your projects demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and responsible construction practices.

Cost-Effective Long-Term Solution While SB348 Grade 2 Titanium Lag Bolts may come with a slightly higher upfront cost compared to traditional steel bolts, their long-term cost-effectiveness becomes apparent over time. Their durability and resistance to corrosion mean that you won't have to replace them as frequently. This results in significant cost savings in maintenance and replacement, making them an economically sound investment.

In conclusion:
emerged as the epitome of durability and versatility in the construction industry. Their unmatched strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight nature, and ease of installation make them a top choice for builders and contractors. Moreover, their eco-friendly qualities and long-term cost-effectiveness solidify their position as a premier fastener for any construction project. By choosing these lag bolts, you're investing in the future of construction and ensuring that your structures stand the test of time.

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